Solutions for phlebology and vascular surgery

Techlamed is an Italian company that deals with high technology medical solutions for medical and veterinary use.
In 2011 Techlamed bought the exclusive rights for the Holmium YAG laser usage, with which two devices has been developed, Sclerolux® (phlebology) e Discolux® (spine surgery).
In phlebology and vascular surgery, has been devised a disposable kit for sclerotherapy called Cathfoam, catheter kit (treatment to obliterate saphenous suffering from venous insufficiency).

In phlebology and vascular surgery, Techlamed offers solutions for:

• Venous insufficiency
• Varicose veins
• Saphenous reflux

The Holmium laser Sclerolux® allows the permanent endovascular shrinkage of varicose veins through a low-temperature procedure; the surgical technique, called L.A.Fo.S. (Laser Assisted Foam Sclerotherapy), is very simple and fully executable in the ambulatory and does not require anesthesia or tumescent. The procedure combines the shrinkage effect of the laser with the next obliteration using sclerosing foam.

Alternatively, the Cathfoam kit, equipped with a centimeter catheter with closed tip and 2 side holes, allows to perform the sclerotherapy procedure with extreme precision, using minimum quantities of sclerosing foam, which completely occludes the insufficient saphenous vein.

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