Techlamed con Fara Foundation – Nicaragua 30 Agosto-5 Settembre 2014


The “Phlebology days” event took place at the FARA clinic in Matagalpa, under the supervision of FARA Foundation.

During said mission more than 900 people have been treated for problems related to venous disease.


Some of the best know luminaries of phlebology, worldwide, participated to this event: Dr. Fausto Campana, Dr. Attilio Cavezzi, Dr.ssa Patrizia Della Caneva, Dr. Susan Corsini, Dr. Sergio Gianesini , Dr. Nick Morrison (ACP President), Dr. Giovanni Mosti,  Dr. Lorenzo Tessari, Dr. Simone Ugo Urso and Dr. Francesco Zini.

Techlamed made its Sclerolux Ho:YAG laser system available to the FARA Foundation to perform LAFOS procedures.

Dr. Urso performing LAFOS

Dr.Morrison and Dr. Mosti performing LAFOS

Dr. Tessari and Dr. Urso performing LAFOS

Dr.Cavezzi and Dr. Gianesini performing LAFOS

Relax time


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